Canadian Equity Council Call Out and Introduction

At the National COPE/SEPB Convention that took place June 2-4, 2022 Lorrie Vandersluis and I, Tanya La Rush, were elected as your two (2) Vice Presidents at the Region 2 Caucus. This election for two (2) was a result of a resolution that passed which would see the removal of the Seat Reserved for Women replaced with the addition of (1) seat reserved for an equity-seeking member in each region. We want to thank the outgoing Region 2 Vice President Casey Oraa for all of his work, dedication and tremendous communications with us for the past three years. His continued assistance, as well as his predecessor Valerie Roberts, with the transition has been welcomed. 


In addition to our introduction, we are writing to ask those who are interested in sitting on the Canadian Equity Council (CEC). The CEC comprises of four representative from each of our four regions who self-identify from one of the following equity-seeking communities: First Nations, Métis, Inuit, racialized people, Two Spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, people living with a disability, or young workers (aged 35 and under). This Council is in place to ensure that we, collectively, ensure that matters of our union are seen with an equity lense and to provide feedback to the National Executive Board. From time to time the CEC will sponsor or provide educational, cultural, and cultural art programs.


Approval from the local president or designate needs to be provided  by means of email indicating that responsibility of all costs associated for lost wages, travel and per diems will be paid for locally.  The deadline to submit both your interest as well as the approval from the local must be delivered to us no later than by Friday, June 24 to this email address. 


If more than four members are interested in this council we will select by random draw. 


Attached we have provided the Article that outlines the work, obligations and structure. 


If you have questions or concerns please contact either myself or Lorrie Vandersluis at:


Tanya La Rush

Lorrie Vandersluis