Information Session

Hello COPE Family,


COPE Ontario is inviting members of all COPE Locals in Ontario to join us at one of our upcoming “Politics Talks” sessions. Join us at one of these important and informative sessions to talk about the damages done by the Ford government over the last five years and how on June 2, we can elect a worker friendly government that makes decisions and takes actions in the best interest of all Ontarians.


These sessions are scheduled May 12, 18 and 26 at 7:00p.m. via Zoom.


Please share widely with your COPE members and encourage them to attend these sessions. We look forward to seeing our COPE Locals and members at these important and informative sessions as we lead up to the election on June 2.


The lives of Ontarians are literally in the balance with this upcoming election. We must not be fooled into thinking the Ford government is our ally and that they have our backs. On June 2, we must take decisive action and elect a government that’ll work to build the inclusive future we collectively desire. 



To register for May 12, 2022 meeting click on the following link:


To register for May 18, 2022 meeting click on the following link:


To register for May 26, 2022 meeting click on the following link:


Make sure to get out and vote on June 2 or in advance. For more information on ways to vote, check out the Elections Ontario page at


Thanks, and look forward to engaging with COPE members from across the Province as we collectively work to elect a government that’ll build the future we want for each other!



In Solidarity,



Lorrie Vandersluis


COPE Ontario

416-703-8515 Ext. 299


 Protecting your job, securing your future.