Know your Rights!

The Right to Reinstatement

Entitled to:

The same job the employee had before the leave began; or

A Comparable job, if the employee’s old job no longer exists.

**Progressional increase, the employer must pay the higher wage when the employee returns from leave**

The Right to Be Free from Penalty

Employers cannot penalize an employee in any way because an employee took, plans to take, is eligible, or will become eligible to take a pregnancy or parental leave.

The Right to Continue to Participate in Benefit Plans

These include: pension plans, life insurance plans, accidental death plans, extended health plans, and dental plans. Employer must continue to pay its share of the premiums for any of these plans that were offered before the leave

The Right to Earn Credits for Length of Employment, Length of Service and Seniority

Employees continue to earn credits toward length of employment, length of service, and seniority during periods of leave.

**Check your pension summary, vacation entitlement continues to accumulate**


Ontario Ministry of Labour Website